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How to Transfer a Listing:

We are members of many associations across Texas and each one has a different form or process to transfer listings over to a new broker. To transfer your listings please email txmls@exprealty.com and let us know which association you are with so we can send you the form with instructions.

If you have already filled out a listing transfer and need broker signature on it please send it to txmls@exprealty.com for Rick Tankersley’s  digital signature.


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●  Why do I have to put my client contact in paragraph 21 of the contract?

○      Unless the principal's address, phone number and email  are listed here, any notice sent is invalid. For example, title companies cannot send notice or demands for release of earnest money to any address not listed in paragraph 21. Time is of the essence in almost all of the notice provisions in TREC contracts. This means they require time-sensitive action. Having an agent as the point of contact to receive notices for his or her client could create delays that may result in the party losing a time-sensitive option or right provided in the contract, such as the Paragraph 23 termination option or the Third Party Financing Addendum for Credit Approval.

○      In addition, the word “notices” in Paragraph 21 has a contractual meaning. Giving notice to a party can affect the party’s rights and obligations in several parts of the contract, so care should be taken to provide notices in ways that don’t cause needless delay.   Some agents are reluctant to put buyers’ and sellers’ contact info in Paragraph 21 because they think direct contact with the other party is forbidden. However, as long as you’re using the contact information to provide notice to the other party, you’re not crossing the boundary of soliciting another agent’s client.


●  How do I obtain a broker signature on a document?

○      The managing brokers work diligently to review and return documents requiring a signature in a timely manner. Any and all documents requiring a broker signature MUST be sent to the managing broker via electronic signature programs such as Docusign or Digisign. Managing Broker's cannot print, sign and scan. Any signatures needed must be electronic.