Real Estate Agents: Learn to work 5 Hours a Day, 5 Days a Week and earn 350K minimum It can be done when you have a system and work the process! Check out the TX Agent Crash Course sessions below! 7 sessions of intensive training! For those who can handle it, this will be a huge boost in knowledge and production. 

How the 7-Day TX Agent Crash Course benefits everyone:

1. New agents - helps them get started

2. Struggling agents - gives direction and gets business moving

3. Agents stuck pre-cap volume - provides ideas that may “click” and push over the threshold

4. Mentees - fills in the blanks that may be missed in while learning the ropes

5. Mentors - ideas and resources to better assist mentees

6. Teams leaders - relieves some responsibility of training and team members are more productive

7. Members on teams - acquire skills to produce and contribute more to team

8. Attractors - agents you sponsor will have benefit of TX quick start program to quickly become FLQA

The start date will be February 1. It will run Monday-Friday then finish up the following Monday and Tuesday.

More details to follow shortly.

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