Express Offers

What is Express Offers?

Express Offers is eXp's proprietary iBuying software platform that connects eXp Agents to our marketplace of Institutional Investors (iBuyers). You identify properties for the investors using their Buy Box criteria (investment strategy) and receive the normal commission that you would negotiate for the listing side of the transaction. Express Offers potentially gives you a cash buyer for your sellers depending on their unique situations.

How do I get certified with Express Offers?

You need to take the following six Express Offers on demand training classes to become a certified Express Offers agent:

Start the 101 course here and log in with your eXp Passport credentials

If you have issues using Mindflash, please click here to review our additional training articles. 

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Express Offers Community on Workplace

If you took the live classes: please consider retaking the on demand courses starting with 102 because we have so many improvements to the courses, including new required tools! The best part is that you can re-watch any module when you need a refresher. Send Terri Jeffries your email address via Workplace Chat or email to receive an invitation.

This is what your trainee dashboard looks like after you have completed all the courses and been granted access to the certification and social marketing materials:

This is the Certification module where you get your marketing items in the Handouts section 

Express Offers Software Platform: - use your eXp Passport credentials to log in. Note: Your state must be open for access (see map) and you have to be certified.

Information about LEADS.

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