MegaeXpansion Cruise 2022

December 11-18, 2022


Professional Development Cruise

Join us for a 7 night Professional Development cruise on the fabulous Allure of the Seas!!!

Hey Rockstar Agents & Influencers!

The 11th annual Texas REALTORS® International Cruise will sail December 11-18, 2022. REALTORS® and companions will sail on the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas from Galveston to Roatan, Honduras; Costa Maya, Mexico; and Cozumel, Mexico.   

(Please note, due to COVID restrictions cruise ports may be modified. Passports required!) 

On the sailing days, you will be blown away by the amazing training from the highly regarded coach, Gary De Rodriguez!   Keep reading to see his bio below AND learn about the NLP Certification Course.


Spend your winter holiday in the warm Western Caribbean, enjoy a Christmas vacation on the beach! 

LEAVING FROM: Galveston, Texas  

ONBOARD: Allure of the Seas

DEC 11 - DAY 1: Galveston, TX Sails Out at 4:00 PM          and Texas Realtors Welcome Reception

DEC 12 - DAY 2: Cruising Day at sea - CLASS DAY

DEC 13 - DAY 3: Cruising Day at sea - CLASS DAY

DEC 14 - DAY 4: Roatan, Honduras - 8 AM - 5 PM

DEC 15 - DAY 5: Costa Maya, Mexico - 8 AM - 5 PM

DEC 16 - DAY 5: Cozumel, Mexico - 7 AM -  4:30 PM

DEC 17 - DAY 7: Cruising Day at sea - CLASS DAY

         and Texas Realtors Farewell Reception

DEC 18 - DAY 8: PORT Galveston, Texas Arrives at 6:30 AM

*Port sequence may vary by sailing date.

To reserve your cabin all that is required is a $250 per person deposit with final payment due by September 1, 2022. 

Registration for the cruise and the certification course may be open after the September 1st deadline until our course fills up the limited seats. The group rate for the cruise expires on September 1, so our travel agent, Cindi will help you find the best available price at that time.


There is an additional enrollment fee of $597 payable to MegaXpansion, LLC to attend the Gary De Rodriguez 3-day NLP certification class.    COURSE SIZE IS LIMITED TO 26 SEATS


Our special cabin group rates:        (as of 8/10/2022 through Sept 1, 2022)

We recommend purchasing the additional Cruise Insurance as well.

    • Full Refund - cancel for illness, death in family, accident en route, military orders, jury duty, etc.
    • Trip Credit - any other reason
    • Emergency medical coverage while on the trip (reimbursement policy)
    • Lost luggage, trip interruption, etc. are reimbursement

Sample Certificate for the NLP Certification 



     READ THE FULL Royal Caribbean Travel Requirements

QUESTIONS?  Cindi can be reached at: 

or    (512) 365-8595  


To register for the 2022 Texas REALTORS® International Cruise, please COMPLETE THIS FORM. (You don't have to be a member of Texas Realtors to sail with us).

After completing registration, Cindi Jenkins will contact you to collect payment and finalize accommodations and any classes or excursions you add to your registration. 


If for some unknown reason you have to cancel you will get a full refund provided the cancellation is before the final due date of Sept 1, 2022. 


           SELECT "No thanks"

You will be enrolled in our certification course on those days instead.

For the question, "How did you hear about the cruise? 

Type "The Cliff Freeman Group"


About the NLP Certification in Self-Leadership & Influence

Earn an internationally recognized certification in NLP skills for Self-Leadership. You will be certified through the Business Education Institute, a recognized and registered training company with the Australian government. Your trainer is Gary De Rodriguez, a master training of NLP and HNLP with over 35 years of experience in the training, coaching, and consulting field.

Is it finally time to learn a system that shifts your self-sabotaging patterns and creates change at the subconscious level? This training will change every aspect of your life for the better because all lasting change begins at the subconscious level. If you’re not at your destination, something must be preventing you from realizing your goals.

Many of us lack the self-worth to create the massive action required to achieve our dreams. Something seems to stop us from moving forward that lies outside our conscious awareness. Unless these self-sabotaging subconscious issues are removed, we will halt our lives and procrastinate our years away. It takes passion and commitment aligned to your deepest values to create an unstoppable ability to achieve.

Within this training, you will learn:

Once learned, these simple tools for the heart and mind can be utilized in your life as a profound system for mental and emotional mastery, ending self-sabotage and procrastination.

Your success doesn’t happen TO you; it happens FROM your mindset, emotional health, and a well-developed strategy that drives massive action.

Check out Gary's episode 

on Cliff's Notes

About Gary De Rodriguez

Recognized as an internationally acclaimed expert in the science of human excellence and known as the People Mechanic, Gary has over a 35-year career in designing and integrating the most effective models of psychology-based systems of success in leadership, human behavior, communication, and team dynamics. Gary is the CEO of Peopleistic LLC USA, a Director of the Business Education Institute, and a Research Fellow of the Institute of Mind and Behavioral Sciences. Working primarily between the USA and Asia Pacific offices, Gary has trained his unique training across the United States, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. 

Gary has held the position of CEO for organizations such as Life Design International Academy of Coaching and Evolution Trainings LLC. as well as a principal in the Leader in U Academy. He is a published author on the topic of Humanistic Business and is considered an expert internationally on the subject of team engagement. He has privately coached over 11,400 people worldwide and is internationally recognized as the go-to person for personal and professional breakthroughs. Recognized for his cutting-edge leadership training and the ability to instill value and motivation in teams, Gary has focused his career upon the human aspects of organizational development. His emphasis is upon the importance of leadership, thinking and problem-solving strategies, time management, entrepreneurial development, people intelligence, communication, and the investment in human equity. 

His strategies for developing self-leadership has been utilized in working with our Veteran population and organizations such as Shell Oil, Kuwait Petroleum, Élan Pharmaceuticals, McGraw Hill Publishing, State of Nevada Board of Education, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, TDK Corporation, Pacific Care Health Systems, American Chamber of Commerce, Competitive Foods, Edith Cowen University, San Diego State University, Pharmacy 777, Briscoe Search and Consulting, MLS Inc. Memec Corporation,, Regional land Services of Western Australia, and many more, as well as psychologists, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, team leaders, and managers. 

Success comes from understanding the functional dynamics of emotion and behavior and its translation to human performance. Gary is a trainer of trainers in awakening and actualizing human potential.