How-To Show Homes

On this page, we have assembled some training videos that are super important to watch. We will start with basic matrix. Since it may have been a while since you took your new agent orientation and Basic Matrix class, here are some video refreshers. 

Next we have some videos about how to use Showingtime to schedule appointments for showings. Practice on a friend or family member first! Never do a showing without a CONFIRMED appointment even if it says vacant. If the agent isn't using Showingtime, you will have to request an appointment from them by phone/text.

Following that section are videos about how to use the Supra lockboxes to get into the homes. Don't embarrass yourself by not knowing how to use a lockbox at your showing. Again, practice on a friend or family member first!

Then we have a few great videos about how to show a house to a buyer and some best practice tips.

Finally we close with the most important topic of agent safety. This is a MUST WATCH training session for agents of all levels!

How to use MLS Matrix

When you have a buyer ready to set up a search, go ahead and give the search process a whirl, then set up a time with Rachel to have her look over your search to make sure it's optimized to get your buyers the best search results. Don't send out searches until you feel comfortable you know what you're doing and you've had some guidance.

Also, check out the video about understanding the MLS status definitions (Active, Active Option, Kick Out, Pending, etc.)

Schedule Showings with Showingtime (formerly CSS) 


What is Showingtime?

Showingtime is the company used by most agents to manage the scheduling of showings on listings. 

ShowingTime Mobile App - highly suggest having this on your phone!

Visit the app store on your Android or iPhone or open a browser on your phone and go to 

How to Schedule Single Showings & Showing Carts for Multiple Homes

This is where the button is in our MLS (different from video tutorial)

Do all listing use the Showingtime appointment scheduling service?

Most agents use Showingtime, but not all agents use it because there is a monthly fee for the listing to be enrolled in the service. It makes it much harder for agents to show the house and also for the listing agent who has to manage all of the showings themselves. If you come across a listing that does not use Showingtime, you'll likely need to send a text to the agent with your name and license number to request the showing appointment.

Sometimes appointments are set up directly with the agent because the seller wants their agent present at all showings. You will see this more in high-end homes. Follow the agent's rules.

Also, sometimes a listing is not set up properly and you can't add the house to the tour using the button pictured above. First try, to use the MLS number to add the house to the showing cart in the Showingtime website after you have others set up as shown in the video above. If that doesn't work, you may need to call Showingtime for assistance in requesting the appointment.

What number do agents call to schedule showings on listings?

SAVE THIS NUMBER AS A CONTACT IN YOUR PHONE --> Showingtime (817)858-0055  You may need it while you're out and about.

Before the Showing

You must make appointments first. After you hit the Submit Requests button, the appointments status will be:


During the showing

ALWAYS follow the showing instructions exactly!!!  Also, if there are signs posted at the door for booties, gloves, etc. you must respect the requirements of the seller.

RING THE DOORBELL BEFORE ENTERING and announce yourself so you don't startle anyone who might be in the house. 

Report any issues with the house to the listing agent, like safety hazard, toilet leaks, etc. just out of courtesy. Sometimes when no one is living in a home, they may not be aware of issues especially seasonal ones like not having a heater on to keep the pipes from freezing.

Make sure you stay with your buyers at all times to ensure that they don't open any locked doors or windows without your knowledge which creates a security risk for the seller. Also, make sure that they do not touch the personal belongings of the seller or sit on furniture, etc.

After Showing

When you leave the property, be sure to lock up all doors and following the showing instructions for lights, etc. Click the button on the Showingtime App to complete the showing which will alert the seller that you are done and they can go home.

FEEDBACK: After you show homes, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not ignore "feedback requests" that you will get via emails from either Showingtime or Supra. Please share constructive feedback because it will get shared directly with the seller to help them with their sale. 

How to use the Supra Lockbox 

Watch the tutorial videos for tips and actually how to open the box.

NOTE: Sometimes your phone will ask you if you want to add this as a Bluetooth device. You'll need to say yes to get it to finish the process. Not sure what causes that, but there's no harm.

How to Show Homes

Here is a virtual tour that I created myself during COVID's no-showing period. Don't laugh!  :)

When giving a tour to buyers in person, you won't need to describe things, you'll just follow the buyers around a little to hear their feedback and look around for any types of property condition items that might be questionable.

When giving a virtual tour to out of state buyers, it will be more like this video where you are describing what you are seeing. You can use services like Apple Facetime, Facebook Messenger Video Chat, WhatsApp, Google Duo Video Chat, etc. to have a video call with the buyers. Practice at your house with someone before you go to the listing. Also make sure you know how to flip the camera from your face to the rear camera so you can watch what you are showing them.

Showing Tips:     (practice 4 showings with a spouse or friend before you show real buyers)


Also, to the right are COVID showing tips:

Ask your sellers to leave all lights on and open all doors to minimize the amount of touching needed by people touring the home.