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What is the MegaeXpansion group?

Not only are you connected to your direct sponsor for support and guidance at eXp, but you are also automatically part of a larger exclusive group of nearly 5,000 agents within eXp Realty called MegaeXpansion. You are connected because your sponsor is connected to Cliff Freeman who is one of the top sponsors and mentors in the company. 

In addition to all of the amazing benefits from eXp, through this connection, you now have access to our private resources only made available to members of this group!

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MegaeXpansion - Success Agent Training System

MegaeXpansion Success - Online Coaching System

This is a self-study program for agents in the MegaeXpansion group. As a member of MegaeXpansion, you're now invited to join the MegaeXpansion Success Program — a licensed version of the Workman Success Systems Training Center brought to you by Cliff Freeman and the WSS team.  MegaeXpansion Success will be your online hub for all video training. It's jam-packed with all the resources you need to need to boost your business and truly thrive in real estate.

MegaeXpansion - Agent Attraction Invitation Resources

As one of the top 5 in eXp in recruiting and the 6th highest earner in the company, you'll have access on a weekly call dedicated solely to starting and expanding your very own revenue share group through bringing agents you know to eXp and setting them up for success!

Check out the button below to learn about the programs as well as the strategies and tactics to grow your income!

Also, join us at our Monday weekly meeting to learn more for live training and support from Cliff!

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